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Lana Del Rey plays lesbian in new music video

Lana Del Rey plays lesbian in new music video

Sultry singer Lana Del Rey plays Hollywood actress Jaime King’s lesbian lover in her new music video ‘Summertime Sadness’.

The video cuts together happy scenes between the pair, as well as moments of turmoil.

Directed by King’s husband Kyle Newman, the music clip is filmed in sepia tones similar to many of Del Rey’s previous videos.

The last third of the video features both grief stricken lovers falling in slow motion off a bridge, suicidal after realizing their relationship is doomed.

As she falls into smoke, Del Rey sings: ‘I just wanted you to know, that baby you were the best.’

Del Rey shot to fame last year when she released her debut single Video Games which topped several lists of the best singles of 2011.

Summertime Sadness is the fifth song to receive a video from her second album Born To Die, although it is unknown whether it will be the next single.

The ‘National Anthem’ singer was recently announced as the next face of H&M, where she will record an exclusive cover of ‘Blue Velvet’ for the retailer’s website.

"Born to Die" debuted and peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, and reached No 1 in the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

Check out the video here: