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Lance Bass reaches out to Amanda Bynes, gets called ‘ugly ex boy band member’ in return

Lance Bass reaches out to Amanda Bynes, gets called ‘ugly ex boy band member’ in return

Amanda Bynes slapped down Lance Bass via Twitter this week after he expressed his concern for the troubled actress whose last film was 2010’s Easy A.

The two had appeared in the 2005 film Lovewrecked together – the year before Bass came out publicly as a gay man. He reached out to her on Twitter earlier this week to let her know that he misses her, loves her and if she needs him he is he for her.

Bynes responded by posting on Twitter: ‘I ignored Lance Bass on twitter and now he is saying I have mental illness. Sorry you’re an ugly ex boy band member w/ no talent or career.’

She added later: ‘I haven’t spoken to Lance Bass in 11 years. To say I have a mental illness out of nowhere makes me lash out! You’re making me crazy!’

On his SiriusXM show Dirty Pop with Lance Bass Thursday (30 May) night, Bass said Bynes had attended his birthday party less than three years ago.

‘The Amanda I know would never say that about me,’ he said. ‘[The old Amanda] doesn’t even exist anymore. Whoever this person is tweeting is not even her.’

Bynes has been engaged in bizarre behavior for the past year with several auto incidents in California and an arrest last week in New York City for reckless endangerment after allegedly throwing a bong out of a window.

She has also been involved in nasty Twitter wars with Perez Hilton, Jenny McCarthy, Rihanna, Courtney Love, and Jay-Z, among others.

‘There’s something wrong. This is not her normal state,’ Bass said. ‘I know Amanda Bynes and she’s just a sweetheart.’

On why he reached out to her on Twitter instead of personally, Bass said: ‘All the smart people know that I’m trying to get to her because she deleted all of her email addresses and cell phone numbers so none of her friends can get in touch with her. Everything is deleted … so the only way into her life is through Twitter.’

‘So at least she saw my tweet saying that I’m there for her if she needs it, at least I know she read that. It’s not a fight when I don’t fight back.’