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Get in the mood for Las Vegas Pride with this super emotional video

Get in the mood for Las Vegas Pride with this super emotional video

Two women hugging and crying tears of joy.

Las Vegas is about to celebrate its 35th Pride with a five-day festival.

The city of blinding lights will be the flamboyant center of a series of fun-loving, emotional events for everyone in the community.

This year’s theme is All We Need Is Love. And the cute ‘now and then’ video released to promote Pride is guaranteed to make you cry.

Two women are celebrating their anniversary in Vegas, the city where they first met. Get your tissues ready as they take a stroll through the city, stopping at the end of the aisle.

Watch the video below:

The events

Expect the lights, the sounds, the casinos and more, starting from Wednesday 17 October with a family-friendly bingo.

On Thursday, RPDR’s Bianca Del Rio will host a special night. There will also be an afterparty following the queen’s show.

The night parade

Moreover, on Friday there will be the much-anticipated Pride parade. Vegas hosts its march at nighttime when the city boasts one of the most incredible skylines in the world.

Parade Pre-Show at the Main Stage begins at 6:45pm and is immediately followed by the Parade at 8pm.

The parade route begins at Gass Avenue and heads north along 4th Street to Ogden Avenue. Secure your spot where the action happens early as thousands are expected to gather for the annual event.

After the parade, there will be three different afterparties to choose from: Glampyres, Eclipse and Dance afterparty.

The festival

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be a festival during the day. Celebrating diversity within the community with an event catered to everyone who is LGBTI or an ally.

Superfruit and Betty Who will warm the crowd up on Saturday night. They will take to the main stage at 9pm.

On Sunday, there will be the Velvet Tsunami night, followed by the closing dance party.

More information here.

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