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Latest NY gay attack ends with four teens arrested

Latest NY gay attack ends with four teens arrested

The latest anti-gay attack in New York ended with four teens arrested at the scene.

New York’s CBS2 news reported that 25-year-old Kevin Kiadii and a friend were walking in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Wednesday night (29 May) when they encountered a group of four teens, ages 13 to 18, who appeared to be intoxicated.

Kiadii says he offered one of the boys a bottle of soda, and was met with shouts and anti-gay slurs.

Kiadii says he told the youngsters to stay back as they started to get more vocal and defensive.

‘When I said that, the one that was really intoxicated jumped into my face and said “I’m going to fuck you up”.’

The victim allegedly pulled a perfume bottle out of his bag and pretended it was pepper spray.

‘One of the dudes tried to kick me in the face, but just missed and he got me in my shoulder,’ said Kiadii.

Police who were close by responded to the situation and arrested the four teens. Kiadii suffered cuts to his hand and bruising from the attacker’s kicks.

The teens in custody were charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime and gang assault.

This is the latest incident in an increasing number of anti-gay attacks that have plagued New York in recent weeks. 

‘I’m appalled. I’m in awe,’ said Kiadii.

‘I just really want my story told because I know there a lot of people in the city who deal with stuff like this.’