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Laverne Cox’s advice on finding love is a thoughtful and necessary reminder

Laverne Cox’s advice on finding love is a thoughtful and necessary reminder

Laverne Cox and her boyfriend, Kyle Draper

Trans actor Laverne Cox shared dating and love advice on Twitter Thursday night (10 January). The message was sweet and thoughtful, and many people loved it.

The whole thing started when a mother tweeted to Cox about her trans daughter.

‘This is my oldest child Trinity,’ DeShanna wrote. ‘She’s trans & a gamer & awesome. She’s 15 & transitioned when she was 4. She’s made history here in DE. She’s my ❤.’

Her tweet ended with an appeal to Cox to share an affirming message because Trinity doesn’t think she’ll find love being black and transgender.

Cox is currently in a relationship with real estate agent Kyle Draper. She first announced her relationship in March 2018 before sharing a photo of the pair the following month.

They both often make sentimental posts about one another on Instagram.

In December, Draper posted a photo of them, followed by a lengthy caption about dating a trans woman. It began with him posting the laughing-crying emoji directed at ‘the haters who think calling me “gay” because I’m dating a trans woman is a putdown that will make feel insecure about myself and my sexuality’.

Then he stated being gay is not a putdown, before sharing a message about negativity online.

‘Be strong, and know that you’re on the right path if you’re attracting haters and making them uncomfortable with your message since growth and progress comes from discomfort,’ he wrote.

So what is Cox’s advice?

Going back to DeShanna and Trinity, Cox shared a lovely bit of advice in response.

She began by writing she once felt the same as Trinity.

‘Dating has been really hard for me but I am currently in a really loving healthy relationship,’ she said.

Laverne Cox's affirming message on Twitter
Cox’s affirming message | Photo: Twitter @Lavernecox

She gave two affirming messages. The first was the need to ‘work on my self love to get myself ready to receive the love when it came’.

The second was to not rush anything, as she found love on ‘God’s time’ and not her own.

Many people responded positively to Cox’s tweet.

One user called Cox a ‘sweet pure person’, while many more complimented Trinity. They called her a beautiful person and reiterated she is worthy of love and will find it.

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