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WATCH: Laverne Cox appears hopeful on MSNBC in the face of anti-trans discrimination

WATCH: Laverne Cox appears hopeful on MSNBC in the face of anti-trans discrimination

Laverne Cox speaking on MSNBC

Transgender actress Laverne Cox, best known for her role as Sophia on Orange Is The New Black, has some strong words for the Trump Administration.

MSNBC appearance

Cox appeared on MSNBC to discuss her political activism in in the face of the Trump Administration’s latest proposition to legally erase transgender people.

‘This is not anything new,’ Cox said on-air. She goes on to discuss all the various anti-trans legislation popping up across the country over the past three years.

However, Cox is hopeful. ‘We have fought those battles and we have won.’

‘This kind of discrimination is not who we are,’ Cox said. ‘And it will not stand.’

Vote YES on Question 3

This past week, the actress has been campaigning in the state of Massachusetts. The state will vote on transgender protections in the midterm elections on 6 November.

‘If they can roll back public accommodations for trans folks in Massachusetts, they can do it anywhere,’ Cox told Into.

‘I know this isn’t what the citizens of Massachusetts want. So I want to do my part to amplify this fight.’

Question 3 on the Massachusetts midterm ballot is the first-ever statewide referendum on trans people in the nation. Voters will decide to either repeal public accommodations for trans people, or continue to allow trans people to use the restroom they’re most comfortable in.

Cox is urging Massachusetts citizens to vote yes on Question 3.

‘I have chosen to lend my voice to the Yes on 3 campaign because trans lives matter. Because trans people having access to public accommodations without discrimination is essential to us being full participating members of society,’ Cox said during an event for trans students and their parents.

Voting Creates Change

‘Over the past several years since marriage equality has become the law of the land, conservative groups have introduced over 100 pieces of legislation in state legislatures all over the country, targeting and attempting to scapegoat trans folks, a population already so incredibly marginalized and struggling for survival and dignity,’ she said.

‘As a transwoman of color the current administration is trying to strip away my rights and the rights of my community,’ the actress previously said in a Twitter video for GLAAD.

‘I understand that my vote can change that.’

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