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Laverne Cox ‘so thankful’ she survived suicide attempt

Orange Is The New Black star opens up about how she tried to commit suicide in the sixth grade

Laverne Cox ‘so thankful’ she survived suicide attempt

Trans star, advocate and actress Laverne Cox has said she is so thankful she survived her suicide attempt in the sixth grade.

The Orange Is The New Black actress opened up about when she was being heavily bullied at school.

She speaking on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos to discuss the state of trans rights in America, and the impact discrimination had on her childhood.

‘I was bullied and I internalized a lot of shame about who I was as a child,’ Cox said.

‘Bullied because I didn’t act the way someone assigned male at birth was supposed to act.

‘And so I was called sissy, I was called the f-word. I was chased home from school practically every day. There was always a kid or groups of kids who wanted to beat me up.’

When discussing her role on the hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, Cox said many trans people see themselves reflected in her character Sophia.

‘Having your story told validates your experience,’ she said. ‘It’s like, “I’m not alone anymore, and maybe I’ll be OK”.’

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