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Laverne Cox surprises trans man who’s never met another openly trans person before

Laverne Cox surprises trans man who’s never met another openly trans person before

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox recently took part in Ellen DeGeneres’ new webseries Fearless — and it brought all the tears.

The webseries, hosted by model Ashley Graham, is about building people’s confidence and inspiring their stories.

This week’s focus is a trans man named Rickey from Kansas City, Missouri. As the video explains, Rickey comes from a conservative family and struggles with his own confidence.

He wears hoodies because he binds his chest, and says top surgery would help him feel freer.

‘I have a friend who has gone through something like you’re going through who can relate to you in a much deeper way, and I want to introduce you,’ Graham tells Rickey in the video.

The moment Rickey sees Laverne Cox, he kneels down and starts crying. Cox starts crying too, and immediately moves to comfort Rickey. It’s an incredibly moving scene.

‘I didn’t know I was confused,’ Rickey tells Cox and Graham as they sit down to talk. ‘I talked to my therapist and I said, “I want to do hormones.” She asked me how I felt and I said nervous.’

He said when he got his beard, he felt handsome and more like himself.

Cox tells Rickey it’s important to have that one person who’s always there for you. Fortunately, Rickey has that someone, his grandma who calls him ‘Rickster’.

‘We want you to know you are no longer alone,’ Cox says. She then reveals they’re giving Rickey $10,000 to help ‘in any way to further your journey’.

‘Everyone should be able to actualize themselves,’ she finishes.

At the end of the video, Rickey tells the camera he’s now walking with his head held high, instead of down, after meeting Cox and seeing how far she’s come.

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