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Leading LGBTI charity appoints trailblazer Lady Phyll as executive director

Leading LGBTI charity appoints trailblazer Lady Phyll as executive director

One of the UK’s leading LGBTI human rights charity has appointed Phyll Opoku-Gyimah as executive director today (15 May).

Kaleidoscope Trust‘s previous executive director, Paul Dillane, announced his departure from the charity last month.

Opoku-Gyimah, widely known as Lady Phyll, is hoping to bring dynamism and diversity to her role, she told Gay Star News.

‘Fresh eyes and a renewed outlook’

Speaking to Gay Star News, Lady Phyll explained her aims for her role. A welcome addition to a resumé already packed with political activism and LGBTI advocacy.

‘From helping build the UK Black Pride movement to fighting for the rights of Civil Service workers, I’m passionate about collaborative approaches to our collective hurdles,’ she said.

‘I hope to bring fresh eyes and a renewed outlook to Kaleidoscope Trust.

‘I’m particularly excited to hear from and work with the wider community of human rights activists across the world, whose insight will help shape how Kaleidoscope can continue to meaningfully support their work.’

‘Help address and redress the oppressive colonial legacies’

Sir Stephen Wall, chair of the board at Kaleidoscope Trust, spoke positively of Lady Phyll in a statement.

‘From her work advocating for the rights of workers to leading one of the most impressive and effective pride organisations in the world, Lady Phyll has demonstrated that she has the personal qualities and professional skills to ensure our increased impact across the world.

‘She brings to Kaleidoscope Trust a perspective, passion and set of skills that an organisation like ours needs to help address and redress the oppressive colonial legacies from which so many are trying to break free.’

Who is Lady Phyll?

A minibus pulling into a seaside parking lot might sound uneventful, but it was the beginning of something game-changing.

Lady Phyll is the co-founder (the ‘co’ stands for community here), trustee, and executive manager of UK Black Pride.

It began that afternoon and evolved into Europe’s largest celebration of for LGBTQ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent.

But her 20 years of advocacy doesn’t stop there. She sits on the Trades Union Congress race relations committee fighting for the rights of workers within the union. She is also s Stonewall trustee.

Moreover, she mad international headlines for publicly refusing an MBE – a British order of chivalry for works in welfare – in the 2016 New Year Honors. She did so to protest Britain’s role in formulating anti-LGBTI penal codes across its empire.

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