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Leading Liberia pastor: gay rights – a ‘total abomination’

Leading Liberia pastor: gay rights – a ‘total abomination’

Gay rights and advocacy are ‘total abomination’ as ‘such practice’ is completely ‘unbiblical’ and ‘outlandish to African tradition’, according to leading Liberian cleric Ben Cooper.

Reverend Cooper told the portal AllAfrica that LGBT rights group ‘threaten’ to ‘undermine’ the existence of humanity as well as the ‘fabric’ of Liberian society.

Cooper said: ‘My stand on the gay bill is highly negative; I do not support it because it is not biblical; it is unwelcoming in the African context, needless to talk about Liberia that is a nation established even on Christian principles.

‘The bill is unbiblical, even the Bible speaks against the issue and its activities.

‘God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality’.

‘I feel that the practice is detrimental to our livelihood as a whole in this country’.

‘I have heard about lots of the ordination of gay bishops in the West and as I am talking in the context that Liberians should never and ever give credence to such act; that is my point of view. If you want to practice same as it is done in the in the West it is left with you’.

‘I promise you that if the legislature should even venture to take the bill to the plenary for discussion as means of trying to support gay bill for its passage in the house there will be a very unfriendly atmosphere emanating from the religious circle and I am going to be one of the ring leaders to speak against that’ warned the Pastor.

Reacting to warnings by several Western countries that they would cut aid to countries who would act discriminate or harm LGBT citizens, the pastor said: ‘Weather aid or not, we are not going to sell our birth rights because somebody is going to be coming in the country to give us aid in order to allow our children to suffer consequences.

‘Liberians will beat the streets and will continue to mobilize the people to be able to speak against the very gay rights so that it does not even reach the stage as has been proffered by western donors."

‘When it comes to this issue, I am a direct representative of God. I speak against it because the Bible takes this particular sin to be detestable as two cities were destroyed in the Bible as evident in Genesis 19 when God destroyed the two cities because he hated the very sin of homosexuality’.

In 2012, the Movement for the Defense of Gays and Lesbians in Liberia was established, with Archie Ponpon as its head.

Ponpon has faced a violent reaction to his efforts, including his mother’s being burnt to the ground.

After speaking in favor of LGBT rights on public radio in Monrovia, the country’s capital, in early March 2012, a violent mob confronted him as he left the radio station.