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Leading political party to introduce same-sex marriage bill in State of Mexico

Leading political party to introduce same-sex marriage bill in State of Mexico

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A left-wing political party in the State of Mexico (Edomex) will introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage by the end of this month.

The National Regeneration Movement, more commonly known as Morena, announced its plans to introduce the bill into the state Congress.

Edomex is Mexico’s most populous state and home to the country’s capital, Mexico City. Morena currently holds the most seats in Edomex’s congress.

The party had faced criticism for not supporting marriage equality.

But after party members and politicians this week met with law and health experts, the party announced it would introduce a same-sex marriage bill.

Morena’s former national secretary for Sexual Diversity, Temístocles Villanueva, told Huffington Post the bill would be introduced soon.

‘Morena’s initiative, of course, contemplates equal marriage, reinforces the rights and guarantees the inclusion of all, will be presented this and the idea is to vote on it soon,’ Villaneuva said.

This move comes just a few months after the national Mexican government considered revising laws so that same-sex couples married abroad could have their marriages recognized in Mexico.

Mexican same-sex couple, Daniel Berezowsky and Jaime Chávez Alor, fought for six months to have their New York wedding recognized in their home country.

‘We thought it was discriminatory and a violation of our human rights,’ Chávez Alor said last year.

‘We had every right to get married.’