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Leading Republican thinker backs same-sex marriage at CPAC

Leading Republican thinker backs same-sex marriage at CPAC

A leading Republican aligned thinker has backed same-sex marriage in a surprise move at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) being held near Washington DC.

American Enterprise Institute political scientist Charles Murray told the conference that the Republican Party had to embrace issues like same-sex marriage and abortion rights if it wanted to return to government.

Murray gave the example of his own children who shared his views on keeping government small and relaxing business regulations but said ‘not one of them thought of voting for a Republican President’ at the last election.

Murray said that his children’s problem had not been the Republican’s choice in candidate but because, ‘they consider the party to be run by anti-abortion, anti-gay, religious nuts.’

‘With gay marriage … I think the train has left the station,’ the New Yorker magazine reported Murray as saying.

‘I was dead-set against gay marriage when it was first broached,’ Murray told delegates.

However he said that since then he had gotten to know more gay people and had found that they could not only be responsible parents but ‘excruciatingly responsible parents.’

Murray told the conference that unless the party stopped excluding candidates who were pro-gay or supported some level of legal abortion the party would be unable to connect with large segments of the voting public.

CPAC is an annual event put on by the American Conservative Union Foundation and attracts thousands of Republican leaning individuals.

This year the conference refused to allow LGBT Republican group GOProud to formally participate for the second time in a row – although members of the group did attend and organized their own events.

The American Conservative Union Foundation allowed GOProud to co-sponsor the conference in 2010 leading to threats by anti-gay groups that they would boycott the conference – though none actually did.

Murray’s announcement comes on the heels of Republican Senator Rob Portman announcing his support for same-sex marriage.