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Learn Spanish with our Gay Pride language guide

Learn Spanish with our Gay Pride language guide

Spanish is not the same in every country.

That’s the beauty of the language. Spain’s Spanish is different to Spanish spoken in Central and South America Every country has a different accent, a different slang, a different flavor.

This guide is going to be based on Latin American Spanish, but the terms are quite basic and are so understandable in most, if not all countries.

Print this guide out take it with you to Barcelona Pride this weekend, Madrid Pride next weekend, when you’re visiting a Spanish-speaking country or when you’re headed to your favorite Mexican restaurant where your favorite waiter/waitress is just waiting for you to wow them with your command of this romantic language.

If you need some destinations and parties where you can use your newfound Spanish skills, follow Gay Star Travel Facebook and Twitter.

The first rule of speaking Spanish (or any language) is: Don’t be scared of making a mistake. Chances are you’ll probably be saying something wrong along the way, but use that as a Trojan horse to strike a conversation with someone you want to teach you a few things.

Buena Suerte! Good Luck!

For the EVERYDAY talk

Hi/Hello – hola
See you later/Bye – nos vemos/ciao
Good morning – Buenos dias
Good evening – Buenas tardes
Good night – Buenas noches
Yes – si
No – no
Maybe – tal vez
Please – por favor
Nice to meet you – placer conocerte
Thank you/ Thanks – gracias
Sorry – perdon
Excuse me – disculpa
Can I?/ May I? – puedo?
What’s the time? – que hora es
How’s it going? – como te va?
Good – bien
Great – genial
Taxi – taxi
Bus – bus
Street – calle
Right – derecha
Left – izquierda

For the BEACH talk

Sea/ Ocean – mar
Sun – sol
Sand – arena
Swimsuit – traje de baño
Hot guy! – chico atractivo
Hot girl! – chica atractiva
Towel – toalla
Sunscreen – bronzeador

For the HUNGRY talk

I’m hungry – tengo hambre
Breakfast – desayuno
Lunch – almuerzo
Dinner – sena
Restaurant – restaurante
Coffee place – cafe
Bring me (in a restaurant) – traeme
For me (I’ll have) – para mi
Desert – postre
Beef – carne
Chicken – pollo
Bread – pan
Drink (non-alcoholic) – bebida
Coffee – cafe
Tea – te
Beer – cerveza
Wine (red/white) – vino tinto/blanco
Waiter/waitress – mesero
Pass the… – pasame el…
Delicious – delicioso
Disgusting – disgusto
Spicy – picante
Salty – saleado
Bitter – agrio
Hot – caliente
Cold – frio

For the PARTY talk

Party – fiesta
Nightclub – discoteca
Bar – barra
Are you going out? – vas a salir?
How much is it to go in? – cuanto cuesta entrar?
Cheers! – salud!
Restrooms/Toilets – baños/retrete
Drugs – drogas
Man/Dude – hombre
Woman – mujer
I’m tired – estoy cansado
Drunk – borracho
What’s your name? – como te llamas?
Wanna go with me? – quieres ir conmigo?
Let’s go – vamos

For the SEXY talk (for men and women)

Lesbian – lesbiana
Pretty – bonita
Beautiful – bella
Homosexual – homosexual
Top – activo
Bottom – pasivo
Feminine – femenino
Masculine – masculino
Muscular – musculoso
Skinny – delgado
Body – cuerpo
Handsome – hermoso
Cute – lindo
Safe sex – sexo seguro
Do you have a condom? – tienes condon?
Can you host? – me puedes recibir?
Are you into? – te interesa?
Discreet – discreto
In the closet – en el closet