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Leeds hopes to bridge equality with new rainbow building

Leeds hopes to bridge equality with new rainbow building

Leeds Freedom Bridge

The city of Leeds in the UK constructs a rainbow bridge for equality.

Leeds local, Thomas Wales, wanted to highlight the changing, progressive landscape of the city.

Wales told Gay Star News: ‘For me, it is a shining beacon that brightly highlights the fact that the LGBT community don’t have to hide away.

‘We’re part of the fabric of the city.

‘I hope that anyone struggling to come to terms with their sexuality or gender identity will see the rainbow bridge and realize they’re not alone,’ he said.

Official planning for the bridge started in September last year and was completed just before Valentine’s Day.

Neil Henry, area director for Network Rail, said: ‘We’re delighted that our stakeholders want the bridge to become an iconic one for the city and were more than happy to have worked with them on the new colour scheme.’

Councillor Jonathan Pryor said: ‘This bridge represents a tremendous show of support for the city’s LGBT community.

‘Not only will the Leeds Freedom Bridge be an eye-catching addition… it will also make a huge statement to our many visitors.’

‘[W]e embrace and celebrate diversity and the contribution it makes to ensuring Leeds is such a warm, welcoming and successful city,’ Pryor said.

Wales wrote: ‘I cannot wait to look at this bridge when I’m 60 and think, I made this happen.

‘A massive thanks to Network Rail for their support over the years and for Leeds City Council.’