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Leeds students tell kids ‘it gets better’

Leeds students tell kids ‘it gets better’

We’ve seen lots of It Gets Better videos – the project which tells vulnerable, depressed or suicidal LGBT kids via YouTube to stick with it as the future is brighter.

But however many you see, they can still inspire, charm and make you laugh or even cry (you know, in a good way).

Step forward the students at Leeds University – the gay heart of north east England: Lauren, Shane, Tim, Mason, Pippa, Nathan, Anna, Sophie, Harry, Richard and all the rest.

They explain the hell they went through before coming out with some struggling, feeling they had no-one to talk to, depressed, self-harming or even suicidal.

But it does get better.

There’s the girl whose supportive friend made her walk out of his walk-in closet – so she literally came out. And the student who told her dad about her sexuality while drunk at dinner – she ‘wouldn’t recommend’ that exact approach but it worked out well.

And you’ve got to love the young guy who came out to his friend by saying: ‘You know how we have always been a little bit like Will and Grace. Now we are a little bit more like Will and Grace.’

The LUU students asked GSN to help spread the word about their video which they posted on YouTube yesterday. And only a few days after we supported National Student Pride in Brighton (last weekend) we’re loving everything studenty. So here it is: