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Leggings that’ll make your butt – and what’s in-between – look amazing

Leggings that’ll make your butt – and what’s in-between – look amazing

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SPONSORED: The spandex craze is real. Whether you know them as men’s leggings, meggings or compression pants, these are usually the go-to for sexy workout clothes that show off your figure. Obviously, tight spandex is hard to hide behind, so why not find a way to enhance your booty… and everything in-between?

Just like how black clothing makes our bodies look leaner, the placement of graphics on leggings can add dimension to your legs, butt and crotch.

This doesn’t mean you should completely ditch leg day, but you can highlight the area you want with certain styles, patterns and fabrics – regardless of your waist size.

You can even find shapewear leggings with extra padding that creates a more sculpted look over muscles. Essentially, you’ll find the right leggings for your body type based on what you’re trying to hide or enhance, like bigger calves or bulkier quads.

We found the most body-boosting leggings exclusively on Differio, a men’s trendy clothing site popular for their on-trend activewear. These bootylicious leggings have peach emoji written all over them.

Differio liquid leggings

1. Liquid Leggings in Glossy Black

What better way to make your butt stand out than in super-shiny liquid leggings? A favorite amongst leather lovers, these wet-look leggings (above) have a zippered crotch that’ll add extra shape to your groin.

Differio maskulo

2. Maskulo Muscle-Enhancing Men’s Workout Tights

If you’re looking for fetish-style workout clothes, Maskulo (above) is popular for their erotic activewear that’ll reveal your most ‘maskuline’ self. These workout tights include extra padding on the quads and crotch (also available as spandex shorts).

Differio rainbow leggings

3. Rainbow Leggings Pride Runner

These rainbow leggings might look like every other pair of graphic meggings, but the contoured print will actually act as a highlighter, especially against matte black spandex. This dynamic print wraps vertically around the legs perfect for drawing attention to your thighs and butt.

Differio Modus Vivendi

4. Modus Vivendi Metallic Leggings In Black

Modus Vivendi is the go-to men’s underwear, lingerie and sportswear brand for creative designs catered for the modern man. These futuristic, metallic leggings (above) found on are shaped with silver foil circles on the front and back that’ll emphasize your butt and crotch.

5. Printed Workout Leggings In Black And Silver

Feel like your calves and quads need a little boost? The metallic crosshatch graphics on these printed workout leggings are a great way to show off your outer thighs and the bottom groove of your calves.