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Lego is hosting the world’s smallest Pride parade to celebrate Stonewall 50

Lego is hosting the world’s smallest Pride parade to celebrate Stonewall 50

Lego is going small to celebrate Stonewall | Photo: Lego

Lego is hosting the world’s smallest Pride parade this year.

The parade at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Westchester, New York, was created for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

It all takes place in MINILAND, the creation of parts of New York City.

There are two floats: Pride and Love is Love.

There is also an oversized Stonewall 50 billboard. Look out for the many cute outfits that the Lego people wear in the recreation of Times Square.

The display took 25 hours to conceptualize, sketch, virtually build and construct.

The Stonewall 50 mosaic is comprised of 750 Lego bricks — the same amount used for the entire parade below it.

Marketing executive Nicholas Hurst said MINILAND was the ‘perfect place’ to reflect on Stonewall.

‘Playing is a universal way for every child and family to connect,’ Hurst said. ‘LEGOLAND Discovery Center really makes sure all kids can come and not have any kind of stigma or judgement, and just be there to have a great time with their family and friends.’

Master model builder Willis Reifsnyder compared LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester’s commitment to diversity to the building of the installation itself.

‘There are approximately 60,000 different Lego elements in different shapes, in different sizes and colors,’ Reifsnyder said. ‘Each one’s unique, is important and serves a purpose… to create such vibrant art.’

Will Lego get a permanent LGBTI set?

Recently, an amateur LEGO designer has proposed a Will & Grace version of the iconic toy set.

The idea, currently available to support on the LEGO Ideas website, was submitted by Australian Mark Fitzpatrick under the username SeeMarkGeek.

Fitzpatrick previously submitted the idea for a RuPaul’s Drag Race set in 2017. However, the idea failed to get picked up for production.

The toy company requires 10,000 online signatures in order for the Fitzpatrick’s latest idea to be considered for production.

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