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President Lena Waithe? There’s a nice ring to that

President Lena Waithe? There’s a nice ring to that

Lena Waithe at the Met Gala

Actor and writer Lena Waithe didn’t deny that politics might be part of her future in a recent interview.

While speaking with Variety, Waithe spoke about the Time’s Up movement, which has officially been an active part of Hollywood’s culture for a year.

‘It feels like the patriarchy is nervous, and that’s good,’ she said. ‘Because when someone is in power for too long, they become villains, and so I think we need some new bodies on the throne.’

She also specified people stepping on the throne must ‘respect the throne’ and use the position to empower.

‘The business should reflect the world in which we live. A bunch of white guys sitting in chairs of power for a long time did reflect the world in which we lived.’

Later, another Variety reporter, Marc Malkin, tweeted about the interview. He wrote: ‘I love @LenaWaithe in Hollywood, but I’m thinking a White House could be in her future.’

Here’s her response:

Lena Waithe tweet
Please please please | Photo: Twitter @LenaWaithe

Could it be?

Even if Waithe doesn’t actually pursue a position in politics one day, her comments reflect what’s currently happening in the United States.

On 6 November, the US is having their midterm elections. American voters will elect various people to statewide offices, as well as positions in Congress.

Thirteen LGBTI people who identify as women are up for a Congressional seat in November, which is a 160% increase since 2016.

Including the primaries earlier this year, an astonishing 430 openly LGBTI people ran for public office in 2018.

This is reflective of people’s frustration with the status quo, and why so many diverse candidates are both running and winning. It goes back to 2017, when Danica Roem won in Virginia, Andrea Jenkins became the first trans woman of color elected to public office, and Palm Springs electing an entirely LGBTI city council.

Other fun tidbits

Elsewhere in the interview, Waithe discussed both her Met Gala look this year and the Emmys.

The Emmys had the most diverse list of nominees, but only some of these diverse nominees actually won.

‘I’m grateful for all the diverse nominees, but it doesn’t mean anything if you have us there to watch a bunch of people that we’ve seen run this town go up there and continue to win trophies,’ Waithe commented.

Earlier this year, she also had one of the best Met Gala looks, rocking a rainbow cape.

Before that cape became a reality, she originally tried on different shades of solid colors. Then she asked: ‘Can we try a rainbow?’

‘It was a risk, we didn’t know how people would receive it but when I put it on, I was like, “Oh this feels right, this feels good, I don’t care what people say.”

‘I wanted to bring my community with me to that place, because I know what that invitation means, and I wanted us all to be there and we got to be, for a night.’

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