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Lesbian and gay band to honor Obama at inaugural

Lesbian and gay band to honor Obama at inaugural

Barack Obama’s team has chosen the Lesbian and Gay Band Association of St Louis to honor the president at his Inaugural Parade on 21 January.

The 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee has announced they ‘are thrilled that the Lesbian and Gay Band has accepted their invitation to participate!’

And President Obama said in a press release: ‘The talented groups chosen to participate in the Inaugural Parade reflect the spirit, values and diversity of our great nation. Vice President Biden and I are honored to have them join us in the parade.’

The association from St Louis, Missouri has marching band members across the US. If their application is anything to go by, they should make an impact with ‘280 musicians from 27 states and the District of Columbia’ possibly taking part.

They made history when they featured in Obama and Biden’s 2009 inaugural – it was the first time an openly LGBT group had taken part in the parade.

And they are excited to be returning for the 57th Inaugural Parade.

Writing on Facebook a few hours ago they told their members: ‘You’ll be marching in front of the president in just 33 days.

‘We’ll be working on finishing up details in the next 48 hours and will have more news for you by Friday evening. Until then, bask in this great opportunity for you, LGBA and all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. Stay tuned!’

The possible play-list includes Battle Hymn of the Republic and Tonight from the musical West Side Story. In 2009 they played A Brand New Day.

See the LGBA take part in the 2009 inaugural here: