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Lesbian convicted of hate crime for carving up gay man’s face as he lay on sidewalk

Lesbian convicted of hate crime for carving up gay man’s face as he lay on sidewalk

A lesbian and her twin brother Friday (8 May) were convicted of aggravated assault while armed for a 2013 attack that left a gay man with facial bone fractures and a broken wrist.

Christina Lucas, 21, who did not testify at trial, told police that she was a lesbian and therefore could not be accused of an anti-gay hate crime.

Christina, her brother Christopher Lucas and a group of men approached the unnamed victim about 12.30 am on 19 October 2013 after he left a party in Washington DC with two female friends.

According to police, Christina walked up to the victim and called him a ‘faggot motherfucker.’

‘The male victim was knocked over on the sidewalk and punched and stomped multiple times by the Lucases and others in the group,’ the US Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

‘Christina Lucas had an object in her hand and used it to cut the victim’s face while he was lying on the sidewalk.’

He now has permanent scar under his eye.

A law enforcement source, who spoke to the Washington Blade on condition of anonymity, said Christopher caused a stir in the courtroom when he denied that the word ‘faggot’ was an anti-gay slur.

Christopher claimed that the word meant ‘happy.’ 

When asked if it meant anything else, he said: ‘No.’

‘So if you called me a faggot outside these doors all that would mean is that I was happy?’ the prosecutor asked.

‘Yes,’ Christopher said.

Several jurors broke out laughing upon hearing his answer.

Christopher was also found guilty of simple assault for punching a woman in the face who tried to help the victim.

The Lucases will be sentenced on 9 June.