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Lesbian couple brings first suit under Chile's new hate crime law

A lesbian couple has filed a discrimination claim against a hotel that denied them service for being homosexual

Lesbian couple brings first suit under Chile's new hate crime law

A Chilean lesbian couple has filed the first anti-discrimination lawsuit under what is being called the Zamudio law.

Named after Daniel Zamudio, who was brutally gay-bashed in an attack that led to his death, the barely month-old anti-discrimination law offers increased protections for the LGBT community

According to an interview with Chilevision, Carla de la Fuente and Pamela Zapata were denied a room in a hotel for being lesbian.

Upon checking in to the hotel, the couple was informed that no rooms were available. At the same time, the couple noticed two straight couples were given rooms.

When the girls asked if they were being denied a room because they were lesbian, the hotel staff said yes.

‘The most difficult thing has been to face the situation, and stand up for myself,’ said de la Fuente.

The hotel’s owner confirmed an anti-homosexual policy on premises, saying that other patrons had previously complained at the sight of same-sex couples in the establishment.

The lesbian couple has enlisted Movilh, Chile’s leading sexual minority organization, along with their attorney Alan Spencer, to file a civil complaint under the recent anti-discrimination law.

Under the hate crime law, violators who exclude or restrict any individuals on the basis of gender or sexual orientation can be fined up to 1,832,000 Chilean pesos ($3,779 €3072).

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