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Lesbian couple flee after their families try to break them up

Lesbian couple flee after their families try to break them up

Two women arrested in Uttar Pradesh were a couple escaping their families who did not approve of their union. Photo: XYZ News

Two women in India who ran away from their disapproving families were arrested by police.

The couple had been in a relationship for about three years according to people in their home village in the Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh.

After they were arrested at a nearby train station during the escape attempt, the police sent them to a nearby facility for a medical examination according to XYZ News.

The women told police there were in love and wanted to live together, despite knowing homosexual sexual activity is illegal under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

One of the women was forced to become engaged to a man from a nearby village as both of their families are not supportive of their same-sex relationship.

Their families have filed case of sedition against each other.

Being LGBTI in India

Things are mixed for the LGBTI community in the northern states of India. Just last month a high ranking police officer married her long-time partner in a public ceremony that went viral on social media.

The state’s capital, Lucknow, hosted its first Pride March which more than 300 people attended and was deemed successful by the organizers.

In the women’s home state of Uttar Pradesh the nationalistic ruling party, the BJP, are encouraging ‘anti-Romeo’ vigilante groups to target young couples and same-sex people with violence and arrests.