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Lesbian couple in Canada say they had to leave jobs for being ‘too gay’

Lesbian couple in Canada say they had to leave jobs for being ‘too gay’

Sheri and Alyssa Monk (Photo: Provided)

A Canadian lesbian couple filed a complaint with Alberta’s Human Rights Commission. They claim they were pushed out of their jobs because of their sexuality.

Sheri and Alyssa Monk claim say they were discriminated against for being ‘too gay’.

The pair worked as paramedics and firefighters in Pincher Creek, a town of 3,700 people, according to CBC News.

They were told not to talk about their personal lives or display affection for one another at work, they allege. The word ‘wife’ was reportedly off limits.

Sheri and Alyssa left their jobs in July 2017.

‘We now dread going out to the grocery store’ Alyssa told Gay Star News. She said they are scared of meeting those that pushed them out of work. ‘There is no longer any sense of community or belonging’ she said.

A co-worker told CBC they behaved no differently from other heterosexual couples. He said he had ‘no doubt’ they were singled out for being gay.

A recording of an interview with the pairs’ manager acknowledged a double standard between heterosexual and homosexual couples, CBC reported.

‘We were working at a place where we weren’t allowed to acknowledge our marriage, our personal lives or our family lives and we were the only ones that had to live and work that way,’ Sheri told CBC.

‘Re-start our lives’

‘When we resigned, it’s because we were out of options after trying to work with management for a month to have our concerns acknowledged’ Sheri told Gay Star News. ‘How do you go back in the closet?’ she asked.

The pair has struggled financially since they left work.

Sheri now commutes three hours to her new job. What’s more, the pair has been forced to sell their house.

Sheri told Gay Star News it had been ‘incredibly difficult’ for their two sons.

‘We would never have chosen to be away from our kids and each other while we work for days at a time far from home’.

She said the Human Rights Commission could take years to rule on the case. They rarely pay large sums of money, she also said.

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