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Lesbian couple marries atop Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day

Lesbian couple marries atop Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day

Fabiana Faria and Helena Barquet kiss at their Empire State Building wedding

A lesbian couple in New York City had a memorable Valentine’s Day when they married atop the Empire State Building.

On the morning of 14 February, Fabiana Faria and Helena Barquet went to 86th Floor Observation Deck. There, they exchanged vows, rings, and promises of love.

It is thought Faria and Barquet are the first lesbian couple to marry at the Empire State Building.

They were one of two couples who won the landmark’s 25th annual Valentine’s Day Wedding Contest.

According to Jean-Yves Ghazi, the senior vice president of the observatory, more than 1,000 couples from around the world entered. The prize? A wedding at one of the most well-known landmarks in the world.

Ghazi officiated both ceremonies.

Faria and Barquet have been dating for almost seven years. Faria proposed to Barquet at the Plaza Hotel in the city.

Together, they co-own Coming Soon, a home design store in Manhattan. In 2016, Faria said they opened the store together because they ‘wanted to be together all day’.

Reuters reported the Empire State Building hosted its first same-sex marriage in 2012. That year, Phil Fung and Shawn Klien won the same contest and said ‘I do’.

The contest also provided each bride with an optional free dress from Kleinfeld Bridal, as well as free flights and hotel stays for their honeymoon.

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