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Lesbian couple marry nine times in eight cities in 10 days

Romantics Kacey Frierson and Chwanda Nixon complete an ‘I do’ marathon around America

Lesbian couple marry nine times in eight cities in 10 days

Most people would be embarrassed to admit they had been married nine times. It usually implies a lot of failed relationships. But not for happy couple Kacey and Chwanda who decided to take all their seven children on an ‘I do’ marathon from Illinois to New York to Canada.

Kacey told Out: ‘Chwanda was like, "we gonna get married all them times?" And I’m like, "Yeah!" Once I started, I couldn’t stop: If I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it big!’

The couple had children with previous partners whilst trying to live a straight life. They have now come to terms with their sexuality after Kacey seduced Chwanda with a strawberry on a trip to the mall.

She told Out Kacey ‘decided she wanted to feed me the strawberry. We bought it and went to the car, and she fed it to me, and I went, "Ooookaay…" And it went on from there: Boom! I love hard. I won’t say I love quick, because I don’t. But I love hard. I’m very romantic. I was missing that.’

Cathy Sakimura the family law director at National Center for Lesbian Rights told Policymic ‘from a legal perspective, when you remarry the same person, it doesn’t have a legal impact for you, I think [for Kacey and Chwanda] it’s another way for them to express their commitment to each other and to the public.’

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