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Lesbian couple suing comic for sexual harassment

Lesbian couple suing comic for sexual harassment

Eddie Griffin, a comic and actor, is being sued by a lesbian couple who claims he sexually harassed them during one of his performances.

In 2012 July Leslie Champlin, and her partner, attended one of Griffin’s shows at Tommy T’s Comedy Club, located in the northern California town Pleasanton.

Champlin charges Tommy T’s, included in the suit, allowed Griffin to go on stage drunk. As reported by the site TMZ, the comic targeted the couple with a homophobic routine.

Allegedly he put his crotch in their faces, saying they ‘would not need a strap-on or vibrator’ if they had his assistance.

Champlin’s partner threw a drink at Griffin and he poured water on her.

Allegedly the pair were kicked out of the club, and Griffin called them ‘dyke bitches’ on his Facebook page.

In the suit, Champlin is seeking unspecified damages for civil rights violations and battery and negligence.