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Lesbian couple thrown out of Vienna café for kissing

Lesbian couple thrown out of Vienna café for kissing

A lesbian couple were stunned when a café manager kicked them out for kissing, being told they ‘belong in a brothel’.

Eva Prewein, 26, and Anastasia Lopez, 19, said they were cuddling and softly kissing outside Vienna’s Cafe Prückel on a cold day last week.

When a waiter told them they should stop and refused to serve them, the young couple complained to the manager Christl Sedlar.

The manager reportedly told the couple such behavior belonged ‘in a brothel and not in a traditional coffee house’ and asked the pair to leave.

Several people were there, but did not stand up for the couple.

Speaking to the Kurier newspaper, Sedlar said she is not homophobic but merely dislikes ‘petting’.

‘I don’t like petting in my cafe. I don’t care who is cuddling who – this is a traditional Viennese cafe and we don’t encourage such behavior,’ she said.

In response to the incident, gay rights groups To Russia With Love Austria and student group Achse Kritischer SchülerInnen are planning a ‘kiss-in protest on 16 January outside the café. On social media, nearly 2,000 people have said they will show up.

Lopez said: ‘We want to make a statement and show that many people are still affected by discrimination.’