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Lesbian film festival ‘Some Prefer Cake’ returns to Italy

Lesbian film festival ‘Some Prefer Cake’ returns to Italy

The seventh edition of the most important Italian lesbian film festival will be held in Bologna, northern Italy, next week from 18 to 22 September.

Some Prefer Cake Festival’s program includes 51 films, dance and ballet, theater and parties. This year’s edition will focus on lesbian women living in oppressive environments, hard times and those who fight back.

Luki Massa, the festival’s director and manager, told Gay Star News: ‘Some Prefer Cake will be dedicated to the lesbians who resist.

‘So, we’ll have the Chinese lesbians, who practice guerrilla-style flash mobs, and the South African lesbians, who have to defend themselves from violence and prejudice.

‘This festival has been growing in the last seven years and now is one of the most important lesbian festivals in Europe.

‘Some Prefer Cake is very well integrated in Bologna and the Council has helped us with its support. But, regarding the funding policies, this is an absolutely independent festival.’

Massa, who is also a film director, describes herself as ‘openly lesbian’. She added: ‘Visibility is very important nowadays. Lesbian women have to fight almost every day against prejudice and discrimination.’

Among the films, director Marie Vermeiren chose to focus on Chinese activists who fight against the State censorship with ‘guerrilla festivals’ and flash mobs.

More over, Thai, Nepalese and Iranian films. But there will be some place for fun as well, like in Heterosexual Jill (2013) or in Who’s afraid of Vagina Woolf (2013).

Two locations will host all the events: the Nuovo Cinema Nosadella and the Senza Filtro, a cultural center close to the city center.

Some Prefer Cake has also been funded thanks to some parties which have been held last winter.

The festival’s testimonial will be the Anglo-French actress Aurélie Lemanceau, who acted in La Vie d’Adèle, winner in the 2013 edition of the Cannes Festival.

For more info, click here for their official website or their Facebook or Twitter here. The official hashtag is #spc2013.