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Lesbian shares the letter her son received about marriage equality

Lesbian shares the letter her son received about marriage equality

'Don't use my family as your political football.'

‘In the playground last week, our son was told his family is not a real family because he has two mums.’

KJ starts the thread very honestly and to the point.

She goes on to list other comments and issues.

‘Lots of people have been talking about marriage equality’

This is when the story takes a more emotional turn.

KJ’s son was sent a letter from ‘his godmother/aunt/cousin/significant person.’

The letter will break your heart.

‘To my sweet and gentle super-nephew,

‘A few weeks ago you invited me to your mums’ wedding. Your mums told me that they wanted me to be the person who married them.

‘In the time since then, lots of people have been talking about marriage equality, and talking about the ‘plebiscite’.

‘In the next few weeks your mums, and me, and most adults in Australia will get a letter in the post that will let them tell the government what they think about same-gender marriage.

‘Lots of people have been really brave and strong by standing up and saying that your mums should be allowed to get married just like everyone else.

‘But sadly, lots of people have been saying lots of mean things about the LGBTIQA+ community (Mummy can explain what all those letters stand for, but the L is for lesbians, like you mums and like me).’

The letter goes on to explain: ‘Some people might tell you that you aren’t safe having two mums, because they will be mean to you. They are wrong.

‘Your mums love you so much and would never do anything to make you feel sad.’

The letter informed KJ’s son people say mean things ‘because they are scared, or no one has ever taught them how to be kind.’

‘Sobs of love’

The entire letter is emotional.

KJ said in a tweet after the letter, ‘suddenly the tears of sadness that have spilled in our house for the last two weeks are sobs of love.’

It comes in the build up to the Australian vote on same-sex marriage. Celebrities are amongst those campaigning for people to ‘say yes.’

Read parts one and two of the letter on KJ’s Twitter where she published it.