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Lesbian parents refused family ticket at Austrian theme park

Lesbian parents refused family ticket at Austrian theme park

A lesbian couple with two kids were refused a discounted ticket to a theme park in Austria because they weren’t considered a family.

The Minimundus miniature world in Klagenfurt refused to sell the two women a family ticket despite the couple showing sellers the necessary proof that they lived together.

The couple instead had to buy two full price adult tickets and two children’s tickets, reported the Austrian Times.

According to the theme park, they were not allowed to sell the tickets to the women for tax reasons and Minimundus boss Hannes Guggenberger said it was clear on the website that the family ticket was only for one mother, one father and two children.

He added that it was ‘obvious’ the lesbian couple did not meet this criteria.

Markus Einicher, spokesman of the Green Party affiliated organisation Andersrum Kärnten, which represents LGBT groups in Corinthia, described the case as ‘outrageous’

Markus Einicher, from LGBT organization Andersrum Kärnten, slammed the theme park’s actions as ‘outrageous’.

He said: ‘These women were publicly humiliated and forced to explain to their children why they weren’t classed as a family.’