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Lesbian screenwriter attacks Stonewall UK on trans rights as chief resigns

Lesbian screenwriter attacks Stonewall UK on trans rights as chief resigns

Maureen Chadwick stonewall trans rights

The lesbian screenwriter behind hit British shows Bad Girls and Footballers’ Wives is the latest UK celebrity to attack Stonewall UK for their stance on trans rights.

Maureen Chadwick claims she and her partner, Kath Gotts, donated at least £38,000 to Stonewall from 2009 to 2015. However, they switched to funding women’s aid charities because of Stonewall’s commitment to what they call ‘the “trans” cause’.

In a statement to The Sunday Times, she said they had no idea ‘how completely the militant “trans” agenda would overwhelm Stonewall with its confusion of sex and gender and its blindness to all the complex rights issues resulting from that.

‘Many other longstanding supporters of Stonewall, including transsexuals, share our concerns and dismay that the very organization we helped to fund and turn into the “go to” LGBT authority is now telling schoolchildren that a bearded man with a penis can be a lesbian and any girls and boys deviating from 1950s gender norms are born in the wrong body.’

Still committed to trans rights

The statement was published in an article attempting to link the protests of some lesbian and gay figures against the promotion of trans rights by Stonewall to the resignation of the charity’s chief executive.

Ruth Hunt resigned after five years at the head. Despite the attempted spin, Stonewall has confirmed that they remain dedicated to helping trans people.

Chairwoman of the board of trustees, Jan Gooding, told the paper the group’s ‘commitment to integrate trans communities into our work has been and will continue to be a core part of our development as an organization’.

The article also quotes two other ‘figures who have played a significant role in the 30-year history’, but they are both anonymous. Why their identities are hidden is unknown.

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