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Lesbian senator claps back at interrupting male colleague, Twitter explodes

Lesbian senator claps back at interrupting male colleague, Twitter explodes

Australian Senator Penny Wong

Penny Wong is an out-lesbian Australian senator who is going viral for an epic clap back against a male colleague.

In an exchange with Liberal National Senator Ian Macdonald, Wong refused to let her voice be drowned out.

After she was told to sit down so that Macdonald could calm down, Wong abruptly got back up.

Then she said: ‘Thank you, Mr President, Senator Macdonald really does have an unhealthy obsession with me, but I digress.’

She continues, but again, Macdonald interrupts.

Away from a microphone, you don’t hear what he says, but without missing a beat, she claps back: ‘You’re not my type either mate, don’t worry about it.’

Twitter exploded in applause, with some even calling for her to be the Australian prime minister.

This is not the first time Penny Wong has gone viral. In 2015, she gave a beautifully moving speech on same-sex marriage.

She said: ‘There is nothing to fear from equality.

‘LGBTI Australians deserve equal treatment before the law,’ she said.

Sisters are doing it for themselves

In other empowering female news, another Australian senator, Larissa Waters, breastfed her baby while giving a speech.

Waters said: ‘Women have always worked and reared children, whether that work was paid in the workplace or unpaid at home.

‘I hope it helps to normalise breastfeeding and remove any vestige or stigma against breastfeeding a baby when they are hungry.

‘I hope it sends a message to young women and mothers that they belong in places of power like the parliament,’ she said.

What a beautiful time to be alive in Australian politics.