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Lesbian sister of Australian opposition leader calls for Occupy Sydney eviction

Lesbian sister of Australian opposition leader calls for Occupy Sydney eviction

Christine Forster, Sydney city councilor and the lesbian sister of Australia’s opposition leader Tony Abbott is calling for the eviction of the Occupy Sydney protesters from the center of the city.

Occupy Sydney, part of the Occupy global movement against social injustice and corporate greed, has had a camp in Martin Place close to the Reserve Bank of Australia for over 18 months. It is only one of two remaining around-the-clock Occupy protests in the world (the other is in Hilo, Hawaii).

‘The site, which comprises structures where some protestors have been sleeping, has been an eyesore in one of the city’s premier business and tourist precincts since October 2011,’ said Forster.

The City of Sydney has written to the Occupy Sydney protestors saying the site has been declared a public nuisance under the Local Government Act, due to risk to public health and safety, disruption to cleaning operations and alienation of the public space.

‘Despite this [the letter], the City has done nothing to ensure the protest site is removed and Martin Place is cleaned up,’ said Forster.

‘It’s time the law was enforced and Martin Place was reclaimed for the enjoyment of the residents and visitors in our beautiful city.’ 

Forster has put a Motion on Notice for the June 24 council meeting calling on the City to act on this issue.

A post on an Occupy Sydney website yesterday said they are ‘Sydney’s first and Australia’s only known 24 hour 7 day Homeless Resource Centre’ and offer a free hot drink and usually a hearty soup, to anyone at anytime. They are planning an open discussion about homelessness at their site on Saturday 21 July.