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Lesbian starts vigil as Ukraine debates anti-gay law

British campaigner Clare Dimyon starts solo vigil outside Ukranian embassy in Hungary against gay censorship law 8711

Lesbian starts vigil as Ukraine debates anti-gay law

A British lesbian campaigner has started a solo vigil outside of the Ukranian embassy in Budapest this morning as Ukraine debates anti-gay law 8711.

If it becomes law, 8711 would make all public discussion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues illegal.

It made the headlines last Saturday (30 June) when openly gay singer Elton John used a concert in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, to call for the country to drop the legislation.

Now lesbian campaigner Clare Dimyon has started a ‘vigil of love and support for Ukraine’ outside the country’s embassy in Budapest, Hungary.

Speaking to Gay Star News Dimyon said: ‘Like Elton John I do not believe that ordinary Ukranians want this law. This law forbids everyone from telling the truth about homosexuality.

‘Ukraine has suffered from censorship for too long.

‘I am here on my own hoping not to have any misunderstandings.’

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