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Lesbian Sydney councillor argues back to MP’s accusation

Lesbian Sydney councillor argues back to MP’s accusation

Sydney Councillor Christine Forster has explained why she voted against a motion to paint a road crossing rainbow colors to honor the LGBT community.

The city’s MP Alex Greenwich said yesterday that the fact that Forster, along with another Liberal councilor and a Living Sydney councillor, had voted against the crossing was ‘mean-spirited and showed a lack of respect’ for the LGBTI community.

Greenwich also accused the councillors who voted against the crossing of only being interested in ‘the gay vote’ at election time.

Forster released a statement today saying that she voted against the rainbow crossing because she felt the ‘cost to ratepayers… could not be justified on the basis that the crossing would only be in place until the end of March’.

Forster, who is in a committed relationship with a woman and supports same-sex marriage, added that now the crossing has been approved she has contacted the state government for support making it a longterm colorful feature on Sydney’s Oxford Street.

Forster said she was on record as supporting the rainbow crossings if they were permanent installations and she is ‘in favour of permanent recognition for Sydney’s GLBTI community in the area around Oxford Street’.

Forster also said she is ‘the leading voice in Council for a permanent Mardi Gras Museum‘ – an idea which she says is opposed by Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore who wants the same space to be a bicycle hub.

Moore suggested painting road crossings in the gay party area of central Sydney rainbow colors for Mardi Gras, inspired by an initiative in West Hollywood in the US.

Watch Sydney’s rainbow crossing being created here: