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Lesbian teenage couple refused as joint prom queens

Lesbian teenage couple refused as joint prom queens

Image by Redding Record Searchlight via YouTube

A lesbian couple in California have been told by their school principal that it wouldn’t be ‘fair’ to the boy gender if they won as prom queen and queen.

Hayley Lack and girlfriend Jenna Waite entered the Foothill High School bid for prom royalty as a couple but say admin at the school won’t allow entrants unless they’re a boy and girl.

In previous years, the highest voted boy and the highest voted girl are automatically elected prom king and queen but with the introduction of preselected couples to the voting system this year, it’s thrown a spanner in the works.

The reactions from concerned friends and family have been swift and a petition has been handed around at the school.

Lack was told unofficially that the couple had received the most votes, but due to the wishes of the principal, they would not be counted.

Foothill principal Jim Bartow believes it’s “not fair to the boy gender” and encourages the girls to run individually.

But Lack believes it’s important to take up this fight for future students who want to run for prom king or queen but don’t fit into traditional gender roles.