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In less than 24 hours Australia’s marriage equality polls will close

In less than 24 hours Australia’s marriage equality polls will close

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The weeks long voting process in Australia’s marriage equality postal survey will close tomorrow.

For Australians at home they have one last chance to vote yes for marriage equality, by hand delivering their postal survey forms.

With the deadline now passed to return the forms by post, the only option left for the majority of eleventh-hour voters is to personally deliver forms to drop-off centres at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The ABS is running the postal survey.

Online voters issued with a Secure Access Code have until 9pm on 7 November to lodge their vote (Australian time).

The drop-off centres are open until 4.30pm across Australia, except Melbourne, which is closed for the Melbourne Cup public holiday.

‘We know that many Australians like to work to a deadline – well that deadline has well and truly arrived,’ said the Equality Campaign’s Alex Greenwich.

‘If your survey form is still on the kitchen table, or in the bottom of your gym bag, get it out, fill it in and take it to the ABS drop-off centre before 4.30pm on Tuesday. The addresses are there on the ABS website.

‘Do it first thing in the morning or on the way to your Melbourne Cup party. This is too important not to act – even this late in the process.’

77% have voted

The ABS last week estimated that more than 12.3 million people, or 77% of eligible voters, had already participated in the postal survey. A new estimate will be released tomorrow afternoon.

The Equality Campaign’s Shirleene Robinson said the high turnout was encouraging. Robinson said the Equality Campaign would work until the survey closes to ensure every last yes vote is returned.

‘There’s still time to show our politicians that we won’t settle for anything less than fairness and equality for LGBTI Australians,’ she said.

‘What better way to guarantee that your YES vote is counted than to personally deliver it? There’s still 24 hours to make a decisive contribution on the side of fairness and equality for all.

‘Don’t wake up on 15 November and regret not having your say.’

The survey result will be revealed at 10am on 15 November

Click here for a list of ABS drop-off centres