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Less stigma around LGBTI community in India, say Tinder users

Less stigma around LGBTI community in India, say Tinder users

Netflix India celebrated Valentine's Day with a gay romance (Photo: YouTube)

Seventy percent of LGBTI Indians surveyed by dating app Tinder believe there is less stigma around the community than there was five years ago.

The survey of LGBTI users this year also found 61% of Indians have identified as LGBTQIA+ on an online platform or group before formally coming out to friends or family.

Meanwhile, 47% of respondents said they feel ‘happy’ about identifying as LGBTQIA+, more than any other emotion.

And, 44% said online dating makes it easier for members of the LGBTQIA+ community to be themselves.

Tinder also revealed attitudes towards public displays of affection: 44% were comfortable kissing in public, 60% said hugging was OK, and 62% said holding hands was acceptable.

Decriminalization in India

India decriminalized homosexuality in a landmark Supreme Court ruling last year.

But, conservative attitudes prevail. Six out of ten young people, for example, believe homosexuality is wrong.

Activists have warned that while the law may have changed last year, attitudes will take much longer to catch up.

Last year, Tinder introduced 23 gender options to its dating app in India.

Users can now select ‘more’ under the ‘I am’ section of their profile and search through different gender identities.

‘Gender identity and sexuality is complex and personal’ Tinder said in a statement accompanying this week’s survey.

‘It’s more than a box you check, it’s who you are. We believe our users are best to choose for themselves.’

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