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Let the Crafty Lumberjacks show you how to get your home Drag Race ready

Taking season nine preparation to the next level

Let the Crafty Lumberjacks show you how to get your home Drag Race ready
Screenshot / Youtube
The Crafty Lumberjacks help you get your home Drag Race ready

Season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race is about to kick off, so it’s time for some last-minute preparations.

Instagram and YouTube couple the Crafty Lumberjacks have an idea on how to get your home Drag Race-ready.

And it’s so quick and easy you can do it while the drinks cool and before you start to set up any snacks.

Because they’re showing you how to do fabulously glittery switch plates.

All you need are – of course – switch plates, as well as Mod Podge, a brush and glitter. Lots of glitter.

Mod Podge is a decoupage medium, so combines glue, sealer and finish into one type of glue.

If the exact same brand is not available, your local craft supply will have something similar. Just make sure it dries clear and not white.

You might also want to have one a piece of scrap paper, so you won’t waste any of your precious glitter.

And then it’s good to go! All you need is a little patience while the Mod Podge dries in between coats.

The whole project is so quick and easy, the lumberjacks even have time to regale us with their best Drag Race impressions.

Now get out your glitter and the full video below: