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LGBT allies from all over the world spread some love

LGBT allies from all over the world spread some love

YouTube was flooded with Valentine’s Day videos. However, one gay couple decided to take a different spin on videos exploring love.

UK-based vloggers Vinny and Luke of the YouTube account V-Squared, encouraged allies from all over the world to share messages of support.

‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ said the couple. ‘Not everyone can be so open with their love, here’s some words of support from people across the world!’

In the video, people from 58 countries tell us they support the right of LGBT people to love freely. A small selection of the submissions are featured in the video as over 300 videos were sent in for the project.

‘The most overwhelming things about this video project was receiving videos from countries where they’re extremely homophobic or where it is illegal to be gay,’ said the couple.

‘Many of who are afraid to appear on camera, but still wrote in to support the right to love.

‘Our message to those who feel isolated and scared and there are people across the world who support your right to love.’

Viewers were happy to see a unique spin on a Valentine’s Day video.

‘Feel completely overwhelmed with emotion after watching this and absolutely bursting with pride,’ said Calum McSwiggan.

‘I’m proud to be gay, proud to be part of the LGBT community, proud to be part of the YouTube community and most importantly so incredibly proud of you both. This video is a game changer and you’ve quite possibly just become my favourite channel bar none for this alone.’

Watch the video below.