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LGBT Australians to gather in final protests before 7 September election

LGBT Australians to gather in final protests before 7 September election

Campaigners for same-sex marriage in Australia are hoping that one final push before the election will sway the minds of voters and politicians.

Equal Love Melbourne have organized a rally at Melbourne’s State Library for 7 August – less than a month before the election.

‘It’s crunch time,’ event organizers said in a statement to GSN.

‘Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has called the election date for September 7th. Now is the time to take the campaign to the streets again.’

‘Let’s remind our politicians that this will be a key issue in deciding our vote at the ballot. Our demands are simple and more than reasonable – Equal marriage rights, now. Personal support is no longer enough. Action needs to be taken within an agreed time frame on the matter.’

With a clear majority of Australians supporting the reform Equal Love Melbourne said that voters would not forget where candidates stood on the issue.

‘Our political parties will be held accountable for their respective policies on the issue from beginning to end of this election campaign,’ the group said.

‘Let’s keep having those sometimes difficult but hugely important discussions, with family, friends, colleagues and strangers on the bus. Make a point of inviting everyone you can to the rally. If every regular attendee brings just one other person we can make a huge difference. The more noise we make, the more likely they’ll be able to hear us in Canberra!’

Organizers hope to get a good turnout at the State Library at 1pm on 17 August where Greens MP and marriage equality bill author Adam Bandt MP will speak.

A statement by a Russian LGBT equality activist will also be read out at the rally in solidarity with the Russian LGBT community.

A rally for marriage equality, also at 1pm on 17 August will be held in front of the Queensland State Library in Brisbane, as will another event in Townsville, Queensland’s Central Park.

At 1pm on Saturday 7 September similar rallies will be held in front of Adelaide’s state parliament, in Canberra’s Garema Place, and in Perth’s Stirling Gardens