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LGBT poet and activist William Brandon Lacy Campos dies at 35

LGBT writer and activist William Brandon Lacy Campos found dead

LGBT poet and activist William Brandon Lacy Campos dies at 35

Noted LGBT activist William Brandon Lacy Campos has died. According to multiple reports his body was discovered in his New York City apartment on 9 November. He was 35.

According to the blog Rod 2.0 Campos, who was HIV positive for the past ten years, was co-executive of Queers for Economic Justice, a progressive non-profit organization  promoting economic justice in a context of sexual and gender liberation.

The following message, written by Amber Hollibaugh QEJ’s co-executive, was posted on the group’s Facebook page.

‘Our community has lost another person we could not afford to lose,’ Hollibaugh wrote. ‘There are few details of his death at this moment. But what is clear to me is the ongoing crisis  inside our communities because we are living the realities of our oppression. This leaves us vulnerable and wounded, and we often do not know how to address it in time to save the lives of the people we love. We must start having this discussion. Not as rhetoric or blame, but because we are each others best hope for our own survival. Brandon, my heart is broken.

Others also expressed their grief of the writer’s passing.

‘Brandon Campos was luminous,’ writer, scholar and social activist Darnell Moore said to Rod 2.0. ‘Campos was full of love and light. He yearned to be in community with others.’ 

Campos’ poetry collection, It Ain’t Truth If It Doesn’t Hurt, was published by Rebel Satori Press in 2011. His work also appeared in the anthology From Macho to Mariposa: New Gay Latino Fiction.

According to Rod. 2.0, Campos delivered, on 6 November, the keynote address at Tufts University’s annual Black Solidarity Day.

‘It’s time for us to realize that HIV stopped being a white gay disease a long time ago, it’s now a black and Latin[o] disease and it’s time to hold up our positive brothers and sisters as our own,’ Campos said. ‘No more high yellow and midnight blue conversations when talking about skin unless its to talk about how that high yellow or midnight blue person rocked your socks last night.’

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