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LGBT+ poll: 76% back Biden to 17% Trump and they are more motivated than ever to vote

LGBT+ poll: 76% back Biden to 17% Trump and they are more motivated than ever to vote

  • Polls come from before overnight news that Trump has COVID-19.
Trump in a MAGA cap.

Joe Biden has the support of 76% of LGBT+ voters with just 17% planning to back Donald Trump in the 3 November elections.

Moreover, the LGBT+ vote could be particularly powerful this year. 88% of LGBT+ people are registered to vote. And 81% of likely LGBT+ voters say they are more motivated to cast their ballot in 2020 than in other recent elections.

LGBT+ campaign organization GLAAD commissioned the poll from Pathfinder Opinion Research. They gathered a representative sample of LGBT+ American adults from 21 to 25 September 2020.

At that point, Biden was already ahead in the polls with around a six point lead. Moreover, the projections indicated he is more likely than Trump to win a majority of the Electoral College, which actually chooses the president.

As a result of those timings, the poll doesn’t reflect any shift in opinion from the first presidential TV debate on Tuesday.

Separate polling indicated Vice President Biden performed slightly better than President Trump in the debate.

However many criticized the argumentative and insulting tone of the exchange which saw Trump interrupt Biden multiple times with the Democratic candidate sometimes responding in kind.

Of course, the poll also came before the shock overnight news that Trump has tested positive for COVID-19 as has First Lady Melania Trump.

It is unclear how much will affect the verdict or Trump’s ability to campaign. However commentators predicted it makes a Biden victory more likely. And the international financial markets responded by increasingly pricing in a Biden presidency.

75% unfavorable to Trump

The other major results of the LGBT+ poll are:

  • 16% of LGBTQ respondents had a favorable opinion of President Trump, while 75% had an unfavorable opinion.
  • 57% of LGBTQ respondents had a favorable opinion of Vice President Biden and 25% had an unfavorable opinion.
  • 13% of LGBTQ respondents had a favorable opinion of Vice President Mike Pence. 65% had an unfavorable opinion.
  • 50% had somewhat or very favorable opinions of Senator Kamala Harris, with 32% having very favorable views of Harris.
  • 92% of registered LGBTQ voters said they would ‘definitely or probably’ vote in the upcoming Presidential election.
  • 53% of LGBTQ respondents reported experiencing anti-LGBTQ discrimination. 

LGBT+ voters could make ‘deciding difference’

The poll dispels the myth that LGBT+ Americans are keen to support Trump.

Most recently, the president’s son, Eric Trump made that claim. However Trump’s people have repeatedly pushed that message. In particular White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says he’s an LGBT+ ally and claims he has a ‘great record’ on LGBT+ issues.

In his comments, Eric Trump said: ‘I’m telling you, I see it every day. The LGBT community, they are incredible. And you should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day.’

GLAAD said they wanted the poll to come out to counter this message and ‘recent misinformation in the media about LGBTQ voter support’.

GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said:

‘LGBTQ voters are poised to make a deciding difference this election year. Today’s poll demonstrates a monumental lead for Vice President Biden in the race for president.

‘We’re seeing a surge in LGBTQ voter registration, because our community understands how much is at stake in this election. We cannot sit this one out – our very lives are on the line.’

GLAAD is asking people to check voting registration, request mail-in ballots, and become involved in its get out the vote campaign – which you can do here.

LGBT+ issues at the election

Meanwhile, GLAAD has also been trying to hold the Trump administration to account.

It’s compiled a list of 175 times Trump’s government has attacked LGBT+ Americans. These include fighting all the way to the Supreme Court to discriminate against LGBT+ workers and couples wanting to adopt.

Moreover, they point to Washington Post fact checkers. They stated last month that Trump’s claims to be a strong ally to LGBT+ Americans are ‘bonkers’ and ‘whoppers’.

Biden has also joined the attacks on the president’s LGBT+ record. 

And while Eric Trump backs his father, the president’s lesbian niece, Mary Trump, disagrees. She says the president doesn’t care about LGBT+ people, is ‘vicious’ to trans Americans and ‘being cruel really plays well with his supporters’.

Research earlier this year showed Trump has become more anti-LGBT+ as he prepares for the election.

By contrast, Biden has promised to proritize LGBT+ rights if he wins the election on 3 November.