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LGBT YouTubers react to viral video of gay son coming out to his family

LGBT YouTubers react to viral video of gay son coming out to his family

No doubt you would have watched, or at least heard about, the video which has gotten all of the LGBT community talking.

Late last month, a video posted on YouTube entitled ‘How not to react when your son tells you that he’s gay’ went viral on the internet after being posted by Daniel Ashley-Pierce, from Kennesaw, Georgia.

The horrific video shows a family verbally berating and physically abusing their young son who came out as gay and filmed their reaction.

Yesterday, a group of LGBT YouTube users came together to create a reaction video to the coming out story which has been viewed over six million times.

Some of the stars of this video admit they haven’t seen the video, but have heard about it, and even voice their trepidation at watching the video which is now famous for being so difficult to watch.

As they watch the brutal coming out tale online, they talk through their thoughts and opinions on the video.

It’s safe to say, the video inspires some strong opinions from the viewers.

‘You have friends that are gay but you can’t accept your own son?’ says one incredulous viewer.

‘That blows my mind,’ says another, after watching the gay man being attacked by members of his family.

‘It really breaks my heart that your own family can do that to you,’ says one viewer, close to tears after watching the video.

However, since the video went viral, the LGBT community has come to Daniel’s aid. Read more here.

Watch the full reaction video here: