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LGBTI activist storms speech of UK Opposition leader

LGBTI activist storms speech of UK Opposition leader

Image by TEDxEastEnd via Flickr

During a speech from UK Opposition Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, LGBTI activist and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell stormed the stage.

Protesting the war in Syria, Tatchell condemned the Labour leader for not openly denouncing the conflict in Aleppo.

Citing human rights violations and Russian involvement in the conflict, Tatchell shouts: ‘What’s happening in Aleppo is modern day Guernica.’

‘Hundreds and thousands of lives are at risk [and] we expect the leader of the Labour party to speak out and demand a vote in parliament on UK air drops,’ he said.

Rather embarrassingly, Corbyn then asks one of his colleagues, ‘When did we condemn the bombings?’

The speech was to commemorate Human Rights Day, a day celebrated on 10 December each year to mark the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

Peter Tatchell campaigns for LGBTI issues and has set up the Peter Tatchell Foundation to campaign for human rights.

Hosting his annual Equality Ball at the end of last month, Tatchell invited special guests Andy Bell from Erasure, Drag queen La Voix, Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Ronan Parke and opera singer Michelle McIntyre.

Image by SHOT BY ROB via Facebook
Peter Tatchell Equality Ball 2016

Tatchell was also awarded the Royal Society of Arts Albert Medal for tireless campaigning of human rights and social equality.

He dedicated the award to Southall Black Sisters, saying: ‘For 37 years, [they have] defended black and ethnic minority women against forced marriage, domestic violence, marital rape, honor killing, slavery, trafficking, female genital mutilation, patriarchy and religious fundamentalism.’