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LGBTI ally Ben Cohen devastated after sex tape is leaked

LGBTI ally Ben Cohen devastated after sex tape is leaked

Ben Cohen in one of his several calendar shoots.

Hunky retired rugby star Ben Cohen has never been shy about showing off his buff body.

But the staunch LGBTI ally has been left feeling devastated after a sex tape showing him naked in bed masturbating was leaked online.

He reportedly plans to take legal action over it.

‘He’s de­v­a­stated,’ a source close to Cohen tells The Sun.

‘The video was filmed years ago. He’d forgotten all about. Not only is he worried about his reputation, he also has to think of his three girls who’ll one day be old enough to use the net.’

Cohen is the father of twins Isabelle and Harriette, 8, with ex-wife Abby.

His third daughter, Milena, was born in January to Cohen and girlfriend Kristina Rihanoff who was his dance partner on TV’s Strictly Come Dancing.

‘The matter is with his lawyers,’ said a Cohen spokesman. ‘He and Kristina re­main in a happy relationship.’

Cohen, 38, was a member of the England national team that won the 2003 Rugby World Cup. He retired from the sport in 2011.

He has become a gay icon and a poster boy for LGBTI-friendliness and posed in his underwear on the covers of GT and Attitude.

His Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation often tackles anti-gay bullying in schools.

He told the Mirror Online in 2014: ‘It is all about that next generation and teaching kids so they understand what gay means and the connotations of words like “homo” and “faggot”. Homophobia is in the same place that racism was 20 or 30 years ago.’