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LGBTI artists respond perfectly to anti-LGBTI hate conference in Verona

LGBTI artists respond perfectly to anti-LGBTI hate conference in Verona

This bench is giving some LGBTI equality to Palermo | Photo: Palermo LGBT

LGBTI artists are fighting back after an anti-LGBTI hate conference in Verona.

The Italian city paid host to the World Congress of Families – a US-based Catholic group opposed to same-sex marriage – in late March.

As a way to detoxify the area in Palermo,  local artists have decided to show their dedication to LGBTI equality.

Benches have been painted to represent a rainbow-colored xylophone.

They were created to ‘raise public awareness of peace and equality’.

Around the square, all of the shops are also now exhibiting rainbow flags.

Artist Davide Calafato created the xylophone bench.

”People always react differently – there are those who sit smiling, those who try to play the bench. Ours is nothing but a message of peace addressed to the city.’

Colored pots with recycled wood will also be installed in the LGBTI monument.

As well as the bench, there are also plans and a bookcase containing literature supporting LGBTI rights.

‘It is all part of the furnishing path of the square that we have already embarked on with plants and the bookstore for months,’ Pietro Muratore, president of Alab, told Repubblica.

‘It is a way to enjoy a pedestrian square and, why not, to reflect on social issues that concern us.’

Fighting back against hate conference in Verona

The monument follows the widespread protests against the World Congress of Families.

LGBTI advocacy groups and transfeminist organizations gathered in Verona, Italy, on 30 March to protest the World Congress of Families.

Organizers also estimated the march reached more than 50,000 people.

Many took to the streets of the city in Northern Italy with placards and banners.

The demonstration aimed to support the LGBTI community. They also hoped to fight for women whose rights have been threatened by the WCF.

Now in its 23rd year, the Christian Congress has raised concerns across the country and internationally for its vocal opposition of LGBTI rights and reproductive rights.

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