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LGBTI Aussies to get extra support ahead of marriage equality results

LGBTI Aussies to get extra support ahead of marriage equality results

Psychiatrists finally acknowledge the harm of aversion therapy on the LGB community

A new resource has been released to help LGBTI Australians when the results of the national postal survey on marriage equality are released.

The results of Australian Marriage Law Survey will be released on 15 November at 10.

Stronger Together is a resource with practical tips on how to ‘stay strong and resilient in the lead up to, and following’ the announcement.

New South Wales based LGBTI health service, ACON, produced the resource. It said the demand for its services had increased during the postal survey.

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said support is available for LGBTI people who may distressed during the marriage equality debate.

‘We are reminding everyone that support and assistance is there for those who have been hurt by this harmful process,’ he said.

‘The deeply divisive nature of the debate has left their mark on our communities.

A ‘yes’ result will go a long way in healing some of this trauma, but the debate will continue on until the Australian Government enacts reform and ends marriage discrimination.’

Extra counselling

In the days leading up to the announcement, ACON will share tips from Stronger Together on its social media pages.

The organization will also have extra counselling staff available to help community members needing support.

‘In the unlikely event that things do not go our way, we will all feel despair, anger, resentment, grief and loss,’ Parkhill said.

‘This debate has only made our communities stronger and more determined. We will continue to face the bigotry and hatred that comes our way, as we not only have each other, but we have friends and allies on our side.

‘Remember, our communities are resilient and we are stronger together.’

There are also a number of other mental health services available in Australia and the world if you need help. Click on this link for the full list.