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14 rising LGBTI business influencers to follow on Twitter

14 rising LGBTI business influencers to follow on Twitter

LGBTI advocates are spreading messages about workplace diversity on Twitter

Last year we ran a list of ‘14 LGBT Business Advocates to follow on Twitter‘, which included the likes of Tim Cook (Apple) and Leanne Pittsford (Lesbians Who Tech). One year down the line, we thought we’d add a few more names to the list.

Stephanie Lampkin, founder of Blendoor
Stephanie Lampkin, founder and CEO of Blendoor Blendoor

Stephanie Lampkin


Tech wizard and diversity and inclusion champion, San Francisco-based Lampkin is the founder of recruitment app Blendoor, which aims to remove unconscious bias from the hiring process.

Nicholas Cresswell


Vice President of Talent and Development at Thomson Reuters in London, and a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion. He featured in both the 2014 and 2015 OUTstanding lists of top LGBTI business executives in the Financial Times.

Emerald Life founder Steve Wardlaw
Emerald Life founder Steve Wardlaw Steve Wardlaw

Steve Wardlaw


Wardlaw is the co-founder of Emerald Life, the UK’s only LGBTI-specific insurance company. Operating for less than a year, the company has already shaken up attitudes towards insurance for LGBT people, from same-sex wedding insurance to travel insurance for those with HIV.

Beck Bailey


Self-described ‘Business nerd, transgender advocate, all around nice guy,’ Bailey is Deputy Director of Employee Engagement at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Ruben Sandoval
Ruben Sandoval Facebook

Ruben Sandoval


Sandoval is the creator of LGBT Confex – Mexico’s annual business diversity conference. The event has been running for the past six years in Mexico, and is due to also come to Colombia for the first time in 2017.

Todd Sears


Sears has a background in investment banking, before launching OutLeadership and devoting himself full time to advocating for LGBTI diversity and inclusion in business. His work finds him tweeting from all over the globe.

Paul Zahra


Paul Zahra, formerly CEO of David Jones is one of Australia’s foremost LGBTI business leaders. He is currently raising money for the Pinnacle Foundation, which awards scholarships and assigns mentors to disadvantaged gay and lesbian youth.

Claudia Brind-Woody
Claudia Brind-Woody Twitter

Claudia Brind Woody


Brind Woody is Vice President & Managing Director, Global Intellectual Property Licensing, IBM, and a Global Co-Chair for the IBM LGBT Executive Taskforce. She was one of the first people to be listed in OUTStanding’s Hall of Fame.

Gigi Chao


Gigi Chao topped the 2016 OUTstanding top 100 listing of LGBTI business executives. Based in Hong Kong, the lesbian tycoon is Vice Chairman of Cheuk Nang.

Mark McLane


McLane, originally from the US but now based in London, is Global Head of Diversity at Barclays, and tweets on diversity issues – everything from accessibility and LGBTI to gender and age.

Rica Paras


Rica Paras is a Philippines-based transgender LGBTI advocate. Her huge 50k Twitter following has partly been amassed through a stint in the Philippines Big Brother house! She is a manager, Accenture Technology, and is the LGBT Lead for the company in Southeast Asia.

Mark McBride-Wright
Mark McBride-Wright

Mark McBride-Wright


McBride-Wright is the creator and driving force behind the UK based InterEngineering – the first nationwide network for LGBTI people in the engineering industry.

Mark Gossington


Gossington is a Partner with PwC and an active member of its GLEE LGBT network. He’s the creator of an LGBT Global Social Media Power List and passionate equality advocate.

Jonathan Mildenhall
Jonathan Mildenhall

Jonathan Mildenhall


Mildenhall is Chief Marketing Office for Airbnb. He was ranked at number seven in OUTstanding’s list of top 100 LGBT Executives, and often highlights diversity issues to his 21k Twitter followers.