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LGBTI center vandalized by fascists one week after opening in Barcelona

LGBTI center vandalized by fascists one week after opening in Barcelona

two photos. on the right, two women hugging outside the Barcelona LGBTI Center. photo on the left shows vandalized windows

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Barcelona to protest the attack on a newly opened LGBTI center.

The Barcelona LGBTI Center opened on 19 January as a hub of LGBTI support and information services, organizations, art space and collective action.

But staff at the hub were dismayed to find vandals defaced the center’s entrance in the early hours of Sunday morning (27 January).

The vandals smashed the front window and sprayed graffiti on it. The graffiti included pro-fascist messages and read ‘you’re dead’ and ‘fuck LGBTI’.

The Platform of LGTBI Entities of Catalonia helped bring the center together and launch it. It spoke out against the attack in a statement on Facebook.

‘We condemn the attack and maintain, more than ever, our commitment to make this new center the space of reference for the defense of the rights of LGBTI people in the city of Barcelona,’ the statement read.

In a heartwarming response, residents of Barcelona came down to stick messages of support on the front doors of the center.

‘We want a gay friendly neighborhood,’ one message read.

Photo: Facebook

‘You will never be alone,’ read another.

Wave of pro-LGBTI support

In a show of solidarity with the LGBTI community, hundreds of people flooded the street outside of the center to protest against the vandalism.

Barcelona’s openly bisexual mayor, Ada Colau Ballano, attended the rally and condemned the attack.

‘A week ago we opened the Barcelona LGBTI Center, the biggest in Europe,’ she wrote on Facebook.

‘Tonight it suffered a cowardly attack. The homophobia of this minority does not represent this city.

‘The hate they wish to spread is theirs, not ours.

‘Barcelona feels very proud to be a diverse city. In Barcelona we happily the defend the right to defend to love who we love and how we want to love, this is a community that protect our right to do that.’